The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum is against the mainstream of galleries, the power of curators and commissioners that impose to the public and the market its hone tastes. The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum is exclusively made for all the thousands of artists who impatiently wait for a chance to see glorified/recognized its work. For all the ones that, without distinction, practice any kind of digital art.


OPENING EXHIBITION 16 Nov. - 31 Dec. 07

The Unknown Artist Virtual Museum promotes works of art from unknown artists. The Temporary Exhibitions Program is one of the essential part of the museum cultural action program. The Virtual Opening Exhibition is the first event promoted by the UAVM. It's goal of the Museum to invite artists of all around the world to participate in the exhibitions program. It's by the participation of these artists that we could make the collections museum. This first exhibition will be the presentation of the Museum to the world. A great opportunity for artists show their works to the world.

Submissions up to 31 October 07.

Regulations and submission form by request: info.uavm@gmail.com