The pixel is located beyond the image, beyond its representation, taking as pure abstraction, pure unifying concept of reality - the image - whtich is set on the screen. This is all the more credible the more pixie image has, the greater the definition. Oposed to photo chemistry, whose definition of the image depends on the number of points and its size, higher points less number on the image, then lower definition. The process in digital image is different, because the pixel size does not change: more pixels more image definition. Donald Kuspit compare the impressionism of Seurat to digital images; the flick is the same as pixel. In this sense, the digital image can be seen as a huge web of colors linked in some way to shape the image.

This project presents the larger participation since the UAVM opening: 47 proposals. It’s been harder to select from all the wonderfull works that have been proposed by the artists (in media the number of artists for each project must be 12). But the projects submited have been unespected and the comission board decided to present 28 projects: A. Bill Miller (USA), António Azenha (Portugal), Arthur Tuoto (Brazil), Ben Dunkle (USA), Bruno Bresani (Brazil), Bryant Dameron (USA), Dora Águila (Chile), Eva Lewarne (Poland), Henry Gwiazda (USA), Jesus Aguilar (Mexico), Jesvin Yeo (Singapor), Jinson Joseph (India), Jorge Simões (Portugal), Josh Parkins (USA), JudsoN (USA), Karl Larson (UK), Lemeh42 (Italy), Marco Bonvini (Italy), Matthias Fitz (Germany), Moskal (Poland), Osvaldo Cibils (Uruguay), Pato (Portugal), Rick Niebe (Italy), Rosa Menkman (Netherlands), Rui Antunes (Portugal), Sarawut (Thailand), Steve Hoskins (USA), SofyY (Russia).

Virtual Exhibition: 17 April – 27 June 09


17 April. 09 - 27 June 09