The "cybernetic ideologys, where human creations are derived from a natural information process, however conceived on the model of human machines," Marleau Ponti, Leuil et L'Esprit, 1973. Cyberspace requires a complete shattering of the basics of locating and uprooting. More than as a place, or rather a non-place, it is stated as a medium, ie, an operating room where we move on. Cyberspace thus surpasses all paradigms of representation of reality. Unlike classic models of representation, is not defined by a mimetic relation to reality but rather through a process of replicating its structure and mode of operation. In fact, these models serve as arborescent systems while cyberspace is a rhizomatic system, much more complex and full of multiplicities, opposing the re-presentation a presentation. This opposition between a tree structure that mimics the world for their skin, and the rhizome, able to build a new reality appears to us essential to the definition of the particular medium of the Internet. Clayton Walter de Oliveira / Silvia B. Gregorio Vidotti The heterogeny in cybernetics, social systems, technology and virtual communities in cyberspace, IV La Cyber Society Congress, 2009 The cyber space has become a new platform where contemporary art still has some room to evolve. The current system resulted in a huge artistic dead end, strangled by the market and the star system. This new space has opened up a new range of possibilities for contemporary art expansion, not only in terms of information / disclosure, but also in creative terms: while art process, creatively adapted to the new platform developing new forms of expression. The intervention of art in this new technological medium, launches new ideological basis to a system dominated by technical communication. This is the purpose of this exhibition: propose to artists a challenge to develop beyond the frontiers of the new media's own technology, taking art to a new dimension. CYBERIDEOLOGIES Web Art Show
14 May 28 August 2011

48073 (Holanda Nehterlands), Aaron Nemec (EUA USA), Alan Bigelow (EUA USA), Annie Abrahams (Holanda Netherlands), Barry Smylie (Canada), Charles Veasey + Craig Tompkins (EUA USA), Gabriela Herman (EUA USA), Jakson Marinho (Brasil Brazil) Jody Zellen (EUA USA), Linda Kronman (Fin/Aus), Mathieu Cherubini (Suiça Switzerland), P J Moskal (Polónia Poland), Tony Wiliam (Brasil Brazil)

Curator & Chief Director: José Vieira